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How to Manage Anxiety in Tough Times: Links & Resources

Hi Everyone, I hope you are safe and well. I have developed a number of resources over the last few weeks to assist people to manage anxiety and distress and to build resilience during these challenging times--including articles, exercises, courses and workshops.

2. Insight Timer – Insight Timer is the most widely used free Mindfulness & Relaxation App (& website) in the world. It is based in Australia and has thousands of different exercises from teachers/trainers around the world. I have some of my materials on their app (you can access via the web as well). I have provided links to my materials below.

These are three exercises on Insight Timer that you can practice (and you may want to try others from other trainers as well!):

3. Insight Timer also has courses—they are 10 sessions, about 15 min each—they cost $20/course or you can subscribe and get access to all their courses. The following are the ones I have available on their site.

4. is one of my websites—It has links to my book, : “Lifeblockers: The Sleep Edition” on insomnia (paperback, ebook and audio), my blogs (on a range of topics), &

my radio segments (on a range of topics).

4. For a number of relaxation exercises to assist with stress & anxiety, Downloadable CD, “Relaxation: Techniques to Reduce Stress & Anxiety.”

5. Omnipsych has blogs on a range of topics include stress, anxiety & sleep.

6. Omnipsych Workshops: I have developed several workshops for employees and managers and leaders including:

  • Being Resilient in Difficult Times

  • Practical Mindfulness

  • Manage Anxiety Through Acceptance & Change

  • Building a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Building Resilience: A Mindfulness-Based Approach

  • Team-Building in Isolation

  • Addressing Individual Differences in Resilience

  • Improving Interpersonal Effectiveness using Validation

All workshops can be delivered virtually. Please contact me on for more information on these workshops or to create a bespoke workshop to meet the needs of your organisation.

7. Australian Psychological Society website: for mental health resources and information and also a search engine to find a psychologist in your area: click on “FIND A PSYCHOLOGIST” under the ‘for the public’ tab.

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