Psychological Services


Omnipsych, led by clinical psychologist, Lillian Nejad, Ph.D., is committed to providing cutting edge, high quality and evidence-based services to the general public, to employees of public and private organisations, and to mental health professionals. The comprehensive suite of services available through Omnipsych are described below.

Psychological treatment tailored to your individual needs


Evidence-based psychological treatment targets a broad range of mild to severe mental health problems and disorders as well as a range of personal difficulties.  


Care is taken to tailor psychological treatment to your individual needs with the focus on reducing distress and achieving long-term improvements in quality of life and overall well-being.


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Workshops for Professionals

Group programs and workshops are available to the general public and employees within public and private organisations.  


  • Enhance Well-Being:  mindfulness, stress management, relaxation training, interpersonal effectiveness, building resilience, improve self-acceptance


  • Improve Mental Health:  manage anxiety, depression, insomnia; address self-defeating patterns of behaviours; reduce stigma


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Professional development for mental health clinicians

Omnipsych is commited to providing multidisciplinary mental health clinicians with professional development opportunities and materials that enhance their knowledge and confidence in psychological and mental health service provision.  


Omnipsych has access to a large network of mental health professionals who can provide high quality professional development and training on a variety of topics. Professional development sessions can be designed to suit your needs.


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Clinical psychology supervision


Individual or group clinical supervision is available to postgraduate psychology students, psychologists, and mental health clinicians working within public and private mental health settings.


The aim of supervision is new learning through guidance, feedback, reflective processes, and active experimentation.  Supervision is tailored to the needs of the individual or group.



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Psychology resources and links


Resources for clients and mental health clinicians are available on this site including handouts, group programs, articles, books, and relaxation and mindfulness exercises.  Helpful links to other sites are also provided.


Lillian is an author and freelance writer and is available to provide expert commentary (verbal and written) on a broad range of mental health issues including stress and anxiety management, dealing with depression, and borderline personality disorder. 


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Consultation services for quality improvement projects


Lillian is available to consult with community and mental health services to enhance service provision for clients in inpatient and outpatient settings including assistance with the design, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement projects.


Specialist areas include CBT and DBT-based programs and Post-Seclusion Counselling.


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