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“Absolutely amazing workshop! Highly recommended!”


“Your voice is very soothing.  You make it easier to focus especially during mindfulness exercises.”


“The course was very engaging and truly enriching. We would like to thank you on behalf of all the participants.  And I am still hearing highly positive things about the overall experience from everyone.”


“I really enjoyed attending the workshop. The program was fun and informative, and the content you provided was easy to comprehend. I'm certain I'll be able to apply a lot of the skills and knowledge acquired from the workshop into my practice.”





























































































Enhance Resilience & Well-being in Business and at Home

Thank you for interest in Omnipsych workshops.  I specialise in a skills-based approach to manage stress and enhance well-being in the workplace and at home.  I can create bespoke workshops based on your organisation’s current needs, and have the flexibility to offer workshops in person or online.


  • Preventing Burnout: For Leaders & Teams

  • Being Resilient in Difficult Times

  • Practical Mindfulness

  • Manage Anxiety Through Acceptance & Change

  • Building a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Building Resilience: A Mindfulness-Based Approach

  • Team-Building in Isolation

  • Addressing Individual Differences in Resilience

  • Improving Interpersonal Effectiveness using Validation

Contact Lillian to discuss options

To develop a suitable workshop for your organisation, I require the following information:

  • The number, demographic and level (managers, employees) of participants

  • The working environment and culture

  • Time parameters, most suitable structure e.g. 3 sessions for 1 hour, half-day, full-day

  • The specific needs of the organisation

I will respond with a proposal based on these factors that will effectively and efficiently address your organisation’s needs.


In addition to workshop development, I also have a set of workshops that are already prepared and can be adapted readily to the needs you identify above. 


Expected outcomes of all sessions:  Increased knowledge & confidence in using skills that reduce stress and vulnerability to stress, and enhance well-being at work and at home.


Presentation content for all sessions: Introduction of new skill(s), Rationale and evidence-base for skill(s), mindfulness and/or relaxation practices will be incorporated into sessions.


Presentation style for all sessions:  These sessions will all include didactic, discussion and experiential components with time to practice the new skills.  PowerPoint presentation decks will be utilised and slides will be made available to all participants in addition to other relevant materials introduced during the session.


Length of session: Variable 


Participants: Variable

Contact Lillian to discuss options 


Cost is negotiated based on the length and structure of workshops. Below is a general guideline of rates for the workshops outlined in this guide (in person, for up to 20 participants).*


1hr: $1500

Half-day/3hrs: $4000

Full-day/5.5hrs: $7000


* Fees are negotiable. Can offer discounts for virtual sessions and multiple bookings. For bespoke workshops and for workshops/seminars/speaking engagements for more than 20 participants, additional charges apply.





I am located in Melbourne, Australia. I can travel out of state to deliver workshops (with flights and accommodation factored into costs). I can also offer workshops virtually on the platform of your choice. 

Contact Lillian to discuss options 

  • Coping with Anxiety in Challenging Times

  • Overcoming Insomnia

  • Quick Tips to Reduce Stress

  • Practical Mindfulness

See Skills for Life program info

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For more information,


Click here to request information about specific service, program or product tailored to your needs.

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