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Tailor-Made Workshops and Packages for Employees and Managers

Individualised sessions and packages to fit your needs.


  • Variable length of time (minimum one hour to full day)

  • Flexible program length - from one session to packages for 4, 6, or 8 sessions. Ongoing arrangements available too.

  • Flexible delivery - Can be delivered virtually or in person

  • Broad ranging topics - Group sessions or packages developed to suit your custom needs.  

  • Themes include:  Managing Anxiety, Building Resilience, Improving Sleep, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Leadership Skills, Healthy Lifestyle Goals.  

  • Sessions are focussed on skills building (not group therapy).

  • Skills include (but not limited to): mindfulness, stress management, relaxation training, communication skills, values driven goal-setting, distress tolerance techniques, emotion regulation strategies, cognitive and behavioural techniques. 

Click here to request information about specific program tailored to your needs.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops and Webinars include:

  • Being Resilient in Difficult Times

  • Practical Mindfulness

  • Manage Anxiety Through Acceptance & Change

  • Building a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Building Resilience: A Mindfulness-Based Approach

  • Burnout Prevention Program for Teams and Leaders

  • Addressing Individual Differences in Resilience

  • Improving Your Relationships at Work


All workshops can be delivered virtually. Please contact me on for more information on these workshops or to create a bespoke workshop to meet the needs of your organisation.


or Click here to request information or to express interest in any of the above groups.

or head to for more information. 

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