David Bowie is

David Bowie is. As in, he exists, he lives, he endures, he experiences, he is. And then there is the need to complete the sentence. The 'David Bowie is' Exhibition at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne effectively and successfully delivers an immersive and sensory experience that allows you to complete the sentence for yourself. The exhibition showcases his work over the past five decades, with heavy emphasis on his early influences and his work and collaborations in the 1970s. Once described as a “self-constructed freak,” David Bowie’s creative practices and progression as a singer, songwriter, artist, author, and actor do not appear to be contrived nor freakish

Russell Brand: Agent of Change

Self-proclaimed self-indulgent, attention-seeking, narcissist Russell Brand sublimates his hedonistic predilections in a quest to embolden collective activism in his audience in his stand-up show, Trew World Order. The magnetic and wickedly clever Brand captivates his devotees with messages of love, unity, and revolution delivered in histrionic bursts of manic energy. Disillusioned by fame and riches, he views celebrity and the current state of the media as dark forces that serve to intentionally distract us from what is important, to manipulate information for nefarious purposes, and to engender fear keeping us in a voluntary state of paralysis, avoidance and ignorance. In his live show, Br

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