RUOK?Day: Tips for successful deep & meaningfuls

What if you noticed some concerning changes in someone you cared about—what would you do? All too often, we feel too uncomfortable or awkward to ask the important questions or we might feel out of our depth to deal with the answers. This year, while many of us are isolated from our family, friends and colleagues, it is even more important that we overcome our awkwardness and discomfort with conversations about mental health and reach out by whatever means we can. If you are not able to see someone in person, find other ways to connect eg. video call or phone. RUOK?Day on September 10th is a mental health campaign that raises awareness of the benefits of having these meaningful conversations

Support Mental Health Campaigns: LIPTEMBER & RUOK? DAY!

It's September and that means time to support two of my favourite mental health campaigns--Liptember and RUOK? Day. Mental health issues can block people from pursuing, achieving, or even having goals. Thanks to excellent awareness campaigns, the stigma about mental illness is reducing and people are feeling more supported and safe to talk openly about these issues. So today, I thought I would tell you about two of my favourite Aussie mental health campaigns that both happen to take place in September! The first one is LIPTEMBER! This is a campaign that combines two of my main passions in life: women’s mental health and wellbeing & wearing lipstick! ​Since 2011, the Liptember campaign has en

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