Got a Problem? Here are your Options

With every problem, comes a decision: ‘Am I going to do something about this or not?' How you answer this question reveals your options. You don’t want to actively solve your problem, here are your options: Share it: Some say sharing your problem is halfway to solving it. Talking about a problem can help, but if this is your only response to problems, you may end up driving your friends and family crazy. Deny it: Well this hardly seems a healthy or viable solution. Often it isn’t. Ignoring a problem can lead to more problems or bigger ones that are more difficult for you to solve on your own. But denial can be a useful coping mechanism for a short time until you are emotionally ready to de

Do you Focus or Fold: How to minimise 'choking' hazards

“Pressure – changes everything, pressure. Some people, you squeeze them, they focus. Others fold.” In film ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Australia is about to be invaded by the world’s top tennis players vying for top spot in tournaments around the country and culminating in the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open in Melbourne this January. Sport is the ultimate in reality television, unscripted, often unpredictable, and particularly in an individual sport like tennis, driven by the personality of the athlete. Every year, tennis fans gather to witness who will triumph and who will crumble under the pressure, or ‘choke’ as they refer to it in sport. Although most of us will not exp

Five Steps To Stop Lifeblocking Yourself

Lifeblocking behaviors are time-wasting activities we choose to participate in that add virtually no value to our lives and interfere with pursuing our true goals and desires. Examples are spending too much time watching television, playing online games, shopping (online or off) and constantly checking our ‘likes’ on social media platforms. Identify and eliminate your lifeblockers using the following five steps: 1. Identify Your Lifeblockers: Chances are you already know what they are, but just to make sure, it is worth doing an “Activity Diary” for one week, write down what you are spending time on and for how long. Next, separate what you have to do from what you choose to do. Now target

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