That Radio Show segment about Mental Health Week

Click here to listen to Dr. Lillian Nejad talk about the Australia's Mental Health Initiative and World Mental Health Day on "That Radio Show" with Peter Armstrong and Nicola Charles in Melbourne, Australia

A Focus on Young People on World Mental Health Day 2018

In the age of social connection, young people are feeling more disconnected than ever. It’s Mental Health Week in Australia and today over 150 countries are participating in a global event with the same mission, to raise awareness and reduce stigma—it’s World Mental Health Day! This year, the 2018 WMHDAY theme is: Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World. One of the main issues affecting young people is loneliness. In fact, research has shown that loneliness has significantly increased in teens and young adults, with those between 16 and 24 most affected. And even more alarming, suicide, the loneliest decision a person can ever make, is currently the second leading cause of death a

Mental Health Week 2018

20% of the Australian Population Need Your Support! Click here for my full article on Mental Health Week written for Workscore

Spring Forward Effectively: 5 Tips to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

It’s daylight savings time! Tonight (at 2am to be exact) Aussie’s will be advancing our clocks by one hour. This means we can look forward to longer summer nights, but this can also mean that some of us will struggle tomorrow morning. “Springing forward” is more difficult to adjust to than “falling back” because If we go to bed at the same time as usual, we will lose one hour of sleep and wake up to a darker morning. Both of these circumstances may affect our level of fatigue and ability to function tomorrow. Here are some tips spring forward effectively: 1. Go to sleep a little earlier tonight. Most of us will have a bedtime range, for instance, between 11pm and 11:30. Simply choose to go

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