How To Solve Your Sleepless Nights

I am so excited to announce my new audio course on overcoming insomnia that has just been launched on Insight Timer. What a privilege to be able to contribute to this fantastic app. The course is ten 15-minute sessions that cover the facts about sleep, the factors that interfere with sleep, the strategies to overcome insomnia and also what to do if nothing is working. I hope that people find it helpful and look forward to hearing the feedback! For those that are not familiar with this app, Insight Timer is the top free meditation and sleep app in the world. All the meditation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises are free (donation only) and you can do a free 7-day trial to access the course

Spring Forward Effectively: 5 Tips to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

It’s daylight savings time! Tonight (at 2am to be exact) Aussie’s will be advancing our clocks by one hour. This means we can look forward to longer summer nights, but this can also mean that some of us will struggle tomorrow morning. “Springing forward” is more difficult to adjust to than “falling back” because If we go to bed at the same time as usual, we will lose one hour of sleep and wake up to a darker morning. Both of these circumstances may affect our level of fatigue and ability to function tomorrow. Here are some tips spring forward effectively: 1. Go to sleep a little earlier tonight. Most of us will have a bedtime range, for instance, between 11pm and 11:30. Simply choose to go

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