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Three Podcasts

I had a great time being a guest on three different podcasts over the last two months with health and wellness professionals: Andrew Jobling, Dr. Peter King and Marie Vakakis. The topics were similar but the conversations went in all kinds of directions including how I ended up in Australia!

Check them out!

The Wellness Puzzle Podcast

Episode 6: 'You're okay; stress & anxiety are normal' hosted by Andrew Jobling. "This week I talk to Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author and Media Personality Lillian Nejad, Ph.D. and it’s a great conversation that you’ll want to listen to. Lillian is an inspiring lady who is making a difference for many people as she helps them enjoy better lives but understanding that stress and anxiety is normal, and offering some wonderfully simple strategies to deal with them."

The Therapist Podcast

Episode 1: Anxiety, Insomnia & the challenges of telehealth hosted by Peter King, PhD Clinical Psychologist Lillian Nejad, Ph.D. was the first guest on the Therapist Podcast. Lillian and Peter explored anxiety, insomnia, challenges of #telehealth as well as a general discussion about clinical practice. Therapist Podcast on YouTube Therapist Podcast on SoundCloud

Episode 18: “I need my me time’’ hosted by Marie Vakakis.

Finding space, laughter and other ways to manage anxiety during difficult times, with clinical psychologist, Dr. Lillian Nejad.

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