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Build Mastery Everyday

When was the last time you challenged yourself, learned a new skill, did something out of your comfort zone?

When we were kids, we were constantly learning—how to walk, talk, play games, cut food with a knife and a fork, build a house of cards, write, spell, climb trees, ride a bike, play cricket, the list goes on. With these challenges, came opportunities to feel accomplished, to feel confident and gain a sense of mastery.

As we get older, we tend to value comfort and routine over adventure and curiosity. Some are content in this state and others need to be regularly challenged to feel vital and alive. But the truth is, we can all benefit from building a sense of mastery everyday. Building mastery is about achieving something new. It’s not about thrill-seeking—you don’t have to jump out of a plane to get the benefits. Little feats can be just as rewarding.

So what are the benefits? You rediscover the value of exploration, novelty, and achievement. You gain confidence to expand the limits of your comfort zone. By broadening your pursuits, you become more interesting to yourself and others. You reinvigorate your life!

“I don’t believe life even begins until you’re out of your comfort zone.”

Sound good? Here are 25 ideas to give yourself a mastery boost:

  1. Learn how to play chess

  2. Practice your serve in tennis

  3. Finish a crossword puzzle

  4. Learn a new vocabulary word and use it in a sentence that day

  5. Write a Haiku

  6. Practice mindfulness for two minutes

  7. Try to balance a basketball on one finger

  8. Give juggling a go

  9. Learn the difference between aperture and shutter speed

  10. Count how long your can hold your breath under water

  11. Play a song on the piano

  12. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know

  13. Count how many times you can skip rope in a minute and then try to beat your record

  14. Take golf lessons

  15. Learn all the words to a song

  16. Go to the museum and remember three facts from the exhibit

  17. Plant a flower in your garden​

18. Sketch a person or a building

19. Write a sentence on the computer without looking at the keyboard

20. Watch a TED Talk ​

21. Look up how to create an app

22. Read a classic novel

23. Take up knitting

24. Learn French

25. Join an art class

Don’t forget to notice how you feel afterwards. You’ll feel more competent and confident. You’ll have a sense of pride, accomplishment, and achievement. You’ll think to yourself, “I did it!” And you’ll be excited to set yourself new goals and face future challenges. That is how you will know you are building mastery.


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