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LIFEBLOCKERS: The Sleep Edition (2018) addresses difficulties related to insomnia. Insomnia is the ultimate LIFEBLOCKER because getting enough sleep is absolutely necessary for your health and well-being and a prolonged lack of sleep can have a negative impact on all aspects of life. She is working on the next book in the LIFEBLOCKERS series on ANXIETY. LIFEBLOCKERS: The Sleep Edition is available as an ebook, paperback and audiobook.


"Dr Nejad’s book “LIFEBLOCKERS – the Sleep Edition” is so necessary and brilliant! She explains how to assess whether this is something that affects you and then gives easy and practical ideas about how to overcome it – all within a few easy to read pages that doesn’t feel overwhelming to the exhausted brain. To sweeten the deal, Dr Nejad writes with an easy style and humour, without dumbing-it-down, so you feel supported and cared for on the journey to recovery." Artemiss Keyhani

"LIFEBLOCKERS: The Sleep Edition is a fantastic resource for people having sleep difficulties. It's written in the format of a standalone self-help guide but as it's based on evidence-based practice, I also find it is a very useful adjunct to therapy. Dr. Nejad is able to put quality, evidence-based material into an easy, accessible written format. Her easygoing style makes this book very readable and I can (and have) confidently recommended it to clients." Dr Robyn Gallucci, Clinical Psychologist

Great content, to the point, and quick read – now time to implement! Great book that gets right to the point. Provides a variety of solutions and methods to go about your insomnia issue – some I've heard before, some I haven't (yay for new content!). Anything that'll improve my insomnia even a tad is worthwhile! What do you have to lose – it's a quick read, too. I'd recommend to a friend/family!" Nilda


"This book is extremely helpful. It provides everyday, practical tips for battling insomnia without resorting to temporary fixes such as medication or supplements. And cheddar cheese -- who knew?!?" Christopher Harne

"I enjoyed this book about insomnia. Especially the detailed information about Melatonin. I have been taking Melatonin for many years and didn't know a lot of the things Lillian covered about it. The book was very easy to read and understand. It was very informative and I highly recommend it." Tanya Paquette

"Best book I’ve read for insomnia. Recommend it highly." Hani

“LIFEBLOCKERS: The Sleep Edition is an extremely well-written guide providing the latest scientific, evidence-based techniques to restore healthy sleeping patterns across the full range of sleep problems. The book, in addition to being comprehensive and scientifically informed, is written in an engaging and easy to read style. It is an incredibly helpful resource for people wishing to improve their sleep.”  Dr. Kylie Thomson, Clinical Psychologist

“LIFEBLOCKERS: The Sleep Edition is user-friendly and a very easy read. It is concise, clear and easily used as a quick desk reference for therapists. The Sleep Edition provides all the information you need about sleep, the routine necessary to enhance sleep, and how to manage sleep difficulties. It also provides log books with detailed instructions. I will use this book as a quick guide to loan to clients experiencing sleep difficulties but also even as a quick check that I have covered everything I need to have. Well worth your time.”  Dr. Julie King, Clinical Psychologist

Treating Stress and Anxiety:
A Practitioner's Guide to Evidence-Based Approaches


from experts in the field and the general public 


Relaxation: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Stress and
Enhance Well-Being
(2008) Now available on

It's available worldwide:

Click here for US link

Click here for Australia link

Click here for UK link

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Sleep (2018) - Available on Insight Timer App - rated as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores. 

Clouds Visualisation (2018) - Available on Insight Timer App - rated as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores. 


Mindfulness of Thoughts (2018) - Available on Insight Timer App - rated as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores. 


from experts in the field and the general public 




Blogs related to improving mental health and overall health.

Blogs related to removing your LIFEBLOCKERS--the obstacles to pursuing the life you want



Lillian has provided content for various organisations and media outlets

The Deep Sleep Co.

"How to Stop Negative Thoughts from Keeping you Awake" 

"When Insomnia Isn't Your Only Problem"


"RUOK? DAY: Tips for Successful Deep and Meaningful's"

Stress Down Day


Food & Entertainment Reviews

Good Life Health Clubs 

"Tips to Master Mindfulness"

"5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Mental Health"

"5 Tricks to Increase Mental Strength"

"5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work"



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Goodreads Author Page

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GoodLife Health Clubs Author Page

Insight Timer Publisher Page  

The Sleep Edition of LifeBlockers audiobook


The House of Wellness hosted by Jo Stanley on Women’s Mental Health


HealthMinute Videos

"Stress Eating"

"How Much Sleep Do We Really Need"


RADIO (for new 2019 LIFEBLOCKERS segments on That Radio Show, CLICK HERE)

That Radio Show with Peter Armstrong & Nicola Charles

Episode 70 December16 2018 Holiday Blues



That Radio Show with Peter Armstrong and Nicola Charles

Episode 68 December 2 2018 on Road Rage


That Radio Show with Peter Armstrong and Nicola Charles

Episode 65 November 11, 2018 on Psychology Week & Connecting to Psychologists

Dr. Lillian Nejad's segment starts at 7:25



That Radio Show with Peter Armstrong and Nicola Charles

Episode 63 October 28 2018 on Loneliness

That Radio Show with Peter Armstrong and Nicola Charles

Episode 60 October 7 2018 on Mental Health Week & World Mental Health Day

That Radio Show with Peter Armstrong and Nicola Charles

Episode 57 September 16 2018 on Women’s Mental Health Track 2


That Radio Show with Peter and Sara

Episode 40 May 20 2018 Sleeping Issues Track 3




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"Intersection of art and science is what makes tennis irresistible, experts say"

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"How to Make Resolutions that Last"

Nature & Health Magazine

“Believe in Yourself” 

She Defined Blog

"How to Manage Insomnia"

"The Importance of Learning Patience"

Mydeal Blog

"How Much Sleep do Adults Need"

"Healthy Bedtime Routines for Adults"

"Common Misconceptions of Psychologists"

WW (Weight Watchers) Magazine

July 2018 issue: Inner Strength 

August 2018 issue: Make Stress Work For You 

September 2018 issue:  Forming New Habits 

July 2019: How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Essential Kids Fairfax Media

Why you need to teach your kids gratitude-and how to do it

Loneliness on That Radio ShowDr. Lillian Nejad
Psychology Week 2018 on That Radio ShowDr. Lillian Nejad
Road RageDr. Lillian Nejad
How to Handle the Holiday BluesDr. Lillian Nejad
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